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8 millimeters tempered glass and Easy Clear treatment

Tempered glass:

The shower enclosures B&F are made in tempered glass, according to the CE UNI EN 14428  rules for security and quality reasons.

The 8mm thickness of the plane glass and the 6mm thickness of the bend glass gives to the product a strong resistance and distinguishable elegance which enriches the environment where the shower is located.

Easy Clear treatment

The need to make cleaning shower panels easier with a long-lasting simple-to-apply treatment has always been a concern of B&F. Today, thanks to the use of advanced nanoparticle technology B&F can offer an Easy Clear treatment suitable for application on glass,tiling inside showers and on every surface made of a silica containing material. The treatment has been tested on over 5.000 washing cycles, showing a loss of effectiveness of about 8%, a result that guarantees long-lasting durability , just like a B&F show panel.

Nanotechnology lets you clean easily

Sealing of surfaces

Protection against dirt,mould and mildew,grease and creams

Less cleaning required

Saves time

Saves money

Benefits for the user

Suitable for car windows,sanitary fixtures,shower enclosures and glass panels.

The treated surface will no longer be vulnerable to water, dust,smog, dirt or greasy substances.

Reduces cleaning times by 90%.

All you need for cleaning is a simple cloth moistened with water.